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Bird On The Wire Presents: Molly Lewis

Hypnotic and ethereal, poetic and moonlit, Molly Lewis’s compositions seem to float into our ears from distant shores. But good luck to anyone who tries to find those shores on a map: Lewis’s music is otherworldly, drawn more from seascapes of fantasy and dream than from any charted harbor. Like mirages, her pieces scintillate and disperse; like siren songs, they draw us in over uncharted waters; as from a good dream, we awake from her melodies wishing to return to wherever they had been.

Thursday November 3, 2022
20:00 - 23:00 (GMT Standard Time)
Basement 10 Golborne Road, London W10 5PE, GB Get Directions

There’s no one else quite like Lewis in music today, and that’s not only because she plays a wind instrument that few others do—her lips. It’s also because her work draws on more eclectic traditions than many of her contemporaries. Her recordings have ranged from piano-accompanied interpretations of Schumann lieder to Brazilian jazz, from Spaghetti Western ballads worthy of any Sergio Leone film to noir-inflected lounge. Even a quick encounter with Lewis’s output makes it clear: she’s been busy building her own tradition, combining surprising details of musical history with her own ideas on what music can do and be—and the result is her unmistakable, cinematic sound.

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Bird On The Wire Presents: Molly Lewis

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